Keys to understand the importance of digital marketing and not die in the traditional.

“If you want different results, do not do the same things” (Einstein)

No, this is not about ‘demonizing’ the traditional marketing model that in one way or another has given results to companies that insist on continuing to work with it. However, what do you think about an evolved model that uses digital tools to attract your target audience with greater profitability and thus boost your brand and take it to another level?

To better understand the concept, digital marketing is nothing more than a marketing strategy using the internet and other forms of digital communication. Through social networks, blogs, SEO and SEM strategies, among others, you Will have a sea of opportunities to better understand the needs of your potential buyer or already loyal customer.

A well-designed digital marketing strategy Will give you access to important data, such as that 82% of consumers indicate that before buying a product or service, they use the Internet to have an updated reference based on the experience of others.

According to Google statistics, 5.6 billion daily searches are carried out on its platform. With this information, you can size up the scope that your business could have if you decide to take the big leap into digital marketing.

A traditional marketing plan, financially speaking, could be more expensive and possibly not reach your target audience. While on the digital side you can segment according to key aspects such as geography, gender, tastes, among others and really reach your ideal client.

Digital marketing not only will let you connect with your ideal audience, it will also generate traffic on your website or social networks, you will get more sales, brand recognition and visibility. Furthermore, it will be those same clients who give you the right feedback to continue improving your business.  

This is why we invite you to look for different results and enter this new digital business culture. In the words of the sociologist, Manuel Castells, in his opinion article “The cultural dimension of the Internet”; on the Internet, this niche that really is your niche, is increasingly being represented by entrepreneurs who are not risk averse and have a great capacity to innovate.